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    Standard Concrete

    The newly born company had struggled very hard to be introduced in the Lebanese ready mix concrete market and succeeded winning good projects while competing with National and important and well established colleagues and international affiliated company such as LAFARGE / BCL / SOIME/ HOLCIM beton / REDLAND, etc…

    Standard Concrete
    Class of concreteMin. cement content (kg/m³)Min. compressive strength (MPa)
    10 MPa 200 10
    15 MPa 250 15
    20 MPa 300 20
    25 MPa 350 25
    30 MPa 375 30
    35 MPa 400 35
    40 MPa 425 40
    45 MPa 450 45
    50 MPa 475 50
    55 MPa 500 55
    60 MPa 525 60
    65 MPa 550 65
    Details of products

    Products are made with the best materials available on the market, Product composition:

    • Ordinary Portland Cement / Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement
    • Aggregates (3/4, 3/8 and crushed sand)
    • Washed or natural sand
    • Admixtures

    Materials are regularly checked, tested and mix designs adjusted accordingly to get the best concrete strength.

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    Many construction projects require special concrete specification like high strength concrete exceeding 60 MPa, high early strength concrete, high durability, low permeability, concrete resisting to chemical atttak etc...

    Nakhle Zgheib & Co has concrete mix designs formulated to meet these requirements. If your project requires the use of high strength concrete or any special requirements, send us your specification where we will study it in order to offer you the concrete mix design that meet your particular requirements.

    Special Concrete

    Concrete with High early age strength

    In high performance concrete, adequate early-age and high later - age strengths can be achieved with proper selection of the mixture proportions quantity and quality. At ambient temperature of about 20 °C or more, the one day strengths are typically of the order of 20 to 25 MPa, and these are considered adequate for form-work removal. The 28 day and 90 day strengths can reach as high as 70 to 80 MPa.

    High Concrete durability

    The properties of hardened high-performance concrete are a direct function of the characteristics of the materials and mixtures proportions. Low water to cementitious material ratio, low porosity, very dense concrete, high durability.

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